Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Fastest Pack’ 106868 01


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Product Description:

The Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Fastest Pack’ 106868 01 is the ultimate soccer cleat for players who crave speed and agility on the field. Designed with cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, this shoe will elevate your performance to a whole new level. Whether you are sprinting towards the goal or making quick turns to outmaneuver opponents, the Ultra Ultimate FG AG will provide the support and traction you need to dominate the game.


1. Ultra Lightweight: The Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG is crafted with a lightweight and flexible upper material, allowing for maximum agility and speed. You’ll feel like you’re gliding across the field with ease.

2. Grip and Stability: Equipped with a finely-tuned outsole featuring strategically placed studs, this cleat offers exceptional grip and stability on both firm ground (FG) and artificial turf (AG) surfaces. You’ll experience enhanced acceleration and quick changes in direction without compromising balance.

3. SpeedUnit: Puma’s innovative SpeedUnit technology is integrated into the outsole, offering an added boost of speed. The carefully designed structure propels you forward with every step, giving you that extra edge over your opponents.

4. 360° Agility Bandage: The 360° Agility Bandage system wraps around your foot like a second skin, providing a secure and locked-in feel. This technology ensures superior stability and prevents slippage inside the shoe, allowing you to focus solely on your game.


– Upper Material: Lightweight synthetic upper with a sleek design for improved aerodynamics.
– Outsole Material: Durable yet flexible TPU outsole with strategically positioned studs for optimal grip on both firm ground and artificial turf.
– Closure: Lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit.
– SpeedUnit Technology: Integrated into the outsole to enhance speed and acceleration.
– Color Options: The Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Fastest Pack’ 106868 01 is available in a variety of vibrant color combinations, allowing you to express your style while dominating the game.

In conclusion, the Puma Ultra Ultimate FG AG ‘Fastest Pack’ 106868 01 is the perfect choice for players seeking a lightweight and agile cleat that will enhance their speed and performance on the field. With its advanced features and sleek design, this soccer cleat will revolutionize your game.



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