Puma Future 1.3 FG AG ‘Instinct Pack’ 106757 01


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Product Description:
The Puma Future 1.3 FG AG ‘Instinct Pack’ 106757 01 is a cutting-edge soccer boot designed to provide unparalleled performance on firm ground and artificial grass surfaces. Combining innovative technologies with a sleek design, this shoe offers comfort, agility, and superior control, making it the perfect choice for ambitious players.

1. NETFIT 2.0 Upper: The upper is constructed with Puma’s innovative NETFIT 2.0 technology, allowing for customizable lacing options to ensure a secure and personalized fit. This feature offers ultimate flexibility, adapting perfectly to your foot shape and playing style.

2. 3D Havoc Frame: Equipped with a 3D Havoc Frame on the lateral side, these boots provide enhanced stability and support during quick changes of direction. This feature helps you maintain optimal balance and maximize your agility on the pitch.

3. GRIPCONTROL Pro Coating: The Puma Future 1.3 FG AG features a GRIPCONTROL Pro coating on the upper, which enhances ball control and ensures precise touches. This allows you to have a superior grip on the ball, giving you the confidence to execute accurate passes and powerful shots.

– Firm Ground/Artificial Grass Compatibility: Designed for use on both firm ground and artificial grass surfaces, these boots offer outstanding traction and stability on a variety of playing fields.

– Lightweight Design: The boot’s lightweight construction reduces fatigue and allows for explosive acceleration, giving you a competitive edge during games.

– Dynamic Motion System: The Dynamic Motion System in the outsole enhances your natural movements on the field, promoting quick reflexes and providing optimal support during agile maneuvers.

– Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, these boots are built to withstand the demands of intense training sessions and matches, ensuring long-lasting performance.

In summary, the Puma Future 1.3 FG AG ‘Instinct Pack’ 106757 01 is a top-of-the-line soccer boot that excels in comfort, agility, and control. With its advanced technologies and superior construction, this shoe empowers players to reach their full potential on the field. Whether you’re a professional or an aspiring player, these boots will give you the edge you need to dominate the game.



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